All-Inclusive Board-$1500
This includes Feeding, Grooming, Stall care, Turnout, Tack Cleaning, Blanketing, Training, Exercise Riding.
1 fan will also be provided per stall. If you desire 2nd fan you pay for proper installation (no drag cords) With All-Inclusive Boarders must take a minimum of 3 lessons monthly show at a minimum of 6 USEF rated horse shows per USEF year (December – November).
Sale Horse Board is the same as above.

Full Board – $1600
This includes everything listed above with total full care. Everything is done by our staff. You arrive to have a lesson at your set time and the horse is ready to go.
At the end of your lesson, you hand your horse off to our staff. No showing required.

Body Clipping
This service contracted out and you must pay the person who is clipping directly.

Show Bills
Due at the end of the month that you showed, this way you can pay your board and show bill with one check. Board checks are due on the first of each month.
Ship-in customers are required to pay their show bill at the end of each show unless other arrangements are made.

10% of the sale price to be paid for commission. All out of pocket costs at shows will be billed if your horse has been here for more than 90 days.    If your horse has been here less than 90 days you will need to pre-pay horse show costs.
Horses Sold Will Be Paid For On The 1st Or 3rd Monday Of The Month

Hunt Horse Day Charges
Ask Kelly

Lessons or Rides
All green broke horses or horses less than 5 years old must be on full board for one month before I will do weekly rides.
Training Rides & lessons on your horse or one of ours are $50. Whether you board with us, or ship in from home, your lessons will be in a positive & challenging learning environment.
Lessoning on one of our lovely show horses has a 3 month limit at which point the rider will need to lease or buy a horse of their own. (Show horse leasing does count, must do 6 USEF shows per year)

Local: (35 mile radius)
$50 on full care / $75 for self care horses.

Long-distance for boarders on full care:
.60 per mile for horses traveling over 35 miles ( 4 horse minimum on truck)
1.00 per mile for horses traveling with less than 4 horses on truck.

Long-distance for self-care boarders:
1.00 per mile minimum of 4 horses on truck
1.40 per mile with less than 4 horses on truck
1.75 per mile customer non-boarder shipping charge
2.00 per mile non-customer shipping charge

All of your equipment must fit in 1 trunk buckets, tack, stall equipment etc. must fit in ONE trunk to avoid this fee If you require any additional equipment beyond the first trunk ( Bikes, Shavings, Muck Tub, another trunk etc) This surcharge will apply.

Horse Shopping
As always, when a horse is found & paid for, the client pays me 10% of the purchase price as a commission & finders fee. To keep from raising my fee to the current industry standard of 15% I will be charging for my time. This also is an incentive for me to take more trips and to look at as many horses as needed to find the proper horse.
Charges are as follows:
$40 per hour, not to exceed $320 per day from the time I leave Tryon until I return.
If I take my vehicle there is an additional fee of .37 per mile.
Airfare, lodging & meal per diems will be billed to you as needed.

Horse Show Costs
Show Ground Schooling/ Riding & Lessons:
Schooling For Full Care Boarders – $50 Per horse per day
Schooling For Self Care / Ship In Clients – $60 Per horse per day
Show Ground Lesson Or Ride ( non-show ) $50
Riding in a class: $25 per ride/ add $10 for jump-offs / money classes

Horse Show Day Care:
Full Care On Show Days: $75 per day ( does not include braiding)
Full Care Non-Show Days $25 per day

Horse Show Paperwork
You are responsible for your entries, feed & bedding orders for your horse(s)and ordering only for your stalls in a timely manner. The earlier we pay ( not order) for our stalls the better stabling location we will receive. Please DO NOT tell the show secretary how many stalls others in the barn will need, this only creates confusion.

TIEC makes it easy for me to help with your paperwork, however,  you are still responsible for your paperwork. Please call Kelly with any questions.

Tack Stalls & Per Diems
Split by the number of horses at each show.

 Kelly Kocher