All-Inclusive Board With Lessons $1650
This includes feeding, grooming, stall care, blanketing, turnout, tack cleaning, tack up services and space for one trunk & your equipment in our spacious secure tack room. We include 3 lessons per month and weekly exercise rides to keep your horse fit if you are unable to make it to the barn. In the event of inclement weather, horses will take advantage of our Horse Gym 2000 treadmill & Theraplate activities. In warm weather we provide 1 fan per stall, if you desire an additional fan, we are happy to accommodate this with proper installation at your expense. For safety, purposes drop cords/extension cords are prohibited.  All-Inclusive boarders are expected to show at a minimum of 6 USEF rated horse shows per USEF calendar year. *Trainer Per Diems Are Waived For Shows At TIEC & WEF* 

Full Board $1750
This price includes all of the amenities listed above with no showing required.

Sale Horse Board $1500
Sale horse board is the perfect option for owners who are looking to move a horse without having to deal with showing the horse to prospective buyers. This includes total care for your horse as well as prepping the horse for sale clients, advertising on our website, social media etc, sale/video imagery, showing the horse to buyers, and dealing with all aspects of the sale.  No lessons, no show requirements.  Send the horse to us and let us focus on getting your horse sold. A 10% commission will be paid to Blockhouse Sporthorses when your horse is sold

Training Board $1500
Training board services include feeding, grooming, stall care, turnout, tack cleaning, space for one trunk & your equipment in our spacious secure tack room, and blankets. Training goals are evaluated by Kelly and the owner to accommodate the horse’s individual needs and the owner’s desires. Lessons with this package are available for an additional fee. In warm weather we provide 1 fan per stall, if you desire an additional fan, we are happy to accommodate this with proper installation at your expense. For safety, purposes drop cords/extension cords are prohibited.

Breaking Board: $1600
We only accept horses aged 3 or younger for breaking board, horses must be halter broke & know how to stand while tied. Each horse is an individual and as such, some progress faster/slower than others. Therefore we suggest a minimum stay of 90 days for breaking services. This minimum requirement will enable us to put a correct, consistent foundation on your horse. This core education will stay with your horse for life and prepare him for any discipline you choose to pursue.  After the first 30 days, we will evaluate your horse’s training and offer you expectations of what can be expected when you are ready to bring your horse home. We recognize other trainers can do it faster, we prefer to break horses the right way to set the horse up for a lifetime of confidence and success. Breaking board includes the same services as our All-Inclusive board, with the added benefits of groundwork, lunging with tack as well as backing through actively being ridden on the flat with a rider aboard.Lessons with this package are available for an additional fee. 

All-Inclusive Board – Wellington, Fl.: $3000
For riders who choose to compete through the winter season, we have a beautiful full-service facility off-site located just minutes from WEF, Global, Deer Ridge, Jim Brandon & The Ridge events. Talk to us & take advantage of multiple monthly and prepay discounts as well as weekly and daily rates. Generous 12×12 stalls with fans, tack room, feed room, bathrooms/wash areas with hot and cold water. The facility offers both flat and jumping rings to suit your training needs. Show pricing stays the same.  No per diems.

Boarding includes all lessons, exercise & training rides as well as pre-ride care, tack up, cool down & post-ride care, in addition to all the amenities found with our other boarding services. Feeding, grooming, stall care, turnout, tack cleaning, space for one trunk & your equipment in our spacious secure tack room, blanketing, and exercise rides to keep your horse fit. In warm weather we provide 1 fan per stall, if you desire an additional fan, we are happy to accommodate this with proper installation at your expense. For safety, purposes drop cords/extension cords are prohibited. Everything is done by our staff. You arrive to have a ride or lesson at your set time and the horse is ready to go. At the end of your lesson, you hand your horse off to our staff.

Rehabilitation Board: Call For Quote.
For horses recovering from an injury, or looking to get fit after recuperating from an injury, we offer a variety of rehab options. Services available include in-house Thera-plate & Horse Gym 2000 treadmill, as well as ship in access to the nearby Aquatread. We also offer scheduled services such as Veterinary care, Speciality farrier care, Chiropractic care, Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture. We are located minutes from Tryon Equine Hospital, their staff is available 24/7 and includes a fully staffed surgical suite and a newly added equine MRI.   We offer customized rehab programs tailored to each individual horse by the treating veterinarian. Because these programs are highly customized, pricing varies, give us a call, and let’s talk! 

Short Term Boarding
Tryon location only $75/day.  This is ideal for clients who want to board between shows for shorter than a month. Lessons and/or training rides are additional.

Body Clipping
This service is contracted out to a local professional. Prices vary by the clip, we are happy to schedule the services at your request, however the owner is responsible for paying the body clipper directly.

Horse Show Braiding:
These services are contracted out to braiding professionals on-site at the different show venues we attend. We are happy to arrange braiding services on your behalf, however, the owner is responsible for paying the braider directly.

If your horse requires a fake tail, it is the owner’s responsibility, to be sure the tail & ACE bandage are left in front of your stall for the braider. We prefer the braiders are paid in full when services are rendered, no later than Saturday evening each week of the show circuit or as directed by the braider. 

Farrier & Veterinary Services:
We are happy to arrange these services for you with our preferred professionals. Owners are responsible for paying these professionals directly. 

Boarding fees are due on the first of the month, and are considered late after the 5th. Board payments submitted after the 5th of the month may be subject to a late charge unless other arrangements have been made. 

Show Bills:
Show bills for schooling, coaching, and riding /showing are due at the end of the month in which you showed. We do this as a convenience for you, so you can pay board and show bills with one check. Ship-in clients are required to pay their show bill at the end of each show unless other arrangements are made.

10% of the sale price to be paid for commission. All out-of-pocket costs at shows will be billed if your horse has been here for more than 90 days. If your horse has been here less than 90 days you will need to pre-pay horse show costs.
Horses sold will be paid for on the 1st Or 3rd Monday of the month following the completion of the sale. 

Hunt Horse Day Charges
We have 3 hunt clubs within driving distance of our facility, Green Creek Hounds, Tryon Hounds & Goodwin Hounds. If you happen to be visiting the area and would like to go on a hunt, give us a call. 

Lessons on your horse or one of ours are $75.  Whether you board with us, or ship in from home, your lessons will be in a positive & challenging learning environment. Lessons are available on one of our lovely show horses. Lessons on our horses are limited to a 3-month limit, at which point the rider will need to commit to a lease or pursue purchasing their own horse. Show horse leases are required to attend at least 6 shows per USEF calendar year.

Training Rides/ Show Classes
Training Rides $75. Green broke horses or horses less than 5 years of age must be on full board for one month before they will be eligible for ship in-training rides. 

Show Rides $75 per individual class.
Show rides per hunter division -$50/class
(Hack class free if you pay for 4 jump classes)
*Add on our show day care option for a full hands off experience!

Disobedience rides: $100 per ride to correct any disobedience.  

Local: (35 mile radius)
$50 on full care / $75 for self care horses.

Long-distance for boarders on full care:
.60 per mile for horses traveling over 35 miles – 4 horse minimum on the trailer.
1.00 per mile for horses traveling with less than 4 horses on the trailer.

Long-distance for self-care boarders:
1.00 per mile minimum of 4 horses on truck
1.40 per mile with less than 4 horses on truck
1.75 per mile customer non-boarder shipping charge
2.00 per mile non-customer shipping charge

Extra Equipment Travel Surcharge – $25
We will happily take one trunk on the trailer with your horse at no charge. Please note, all of your equipment must fit inside the trunk. This includes buckets, tack, stall front equipment, etc. Any equipment needed for you or your horse to travel to the show that does not fit inside your trunk will be subject to a $25.00 surcharge.  This surcharge also applies to any additional equipment you would like for us to ship for you ( bikes, shavings, muck tub, etc). 

Horse Shopping:
As always, when a horse is found & paid for, the buyer pays 10% of the purchase price as a commission & finders fee. To keep from raising my fee to the current industry standard of 15% I will be charging for my time. This also is an incentive for me to take more trips and to look at as many horses as needed to find the proper horse.

Charges are as follows:
$40 per hour, not to exceed $320 per day from the time I leave home until I return.
If I take my vehicle there is an additional fee of .37 per mile.
Airfare, lodging & meal per diems are the responsibility of the buyer and are billed as needed.

Horse Show Costs
Schooling For Full Care Boarders: $50 Per horse per day
Schooling For Self Care / Ship In Clients: $75 Per horse per day
Show Venue Lesson Or Ride (non-show day): $75

Horse Show Day Care:
Full Care On Show Days: $75 per day
Includes full stall care, lunging, bathing, tack up, cool down, blanketing & leg bandaging.  Full Care At Horse Shows does not include equipment cleaning services or braiding.   

Full Care Non-Show Days $25 per day
Includes Full Stall Care & Hand Walking or grazing as time allows. 

Horse Show Paperwork:
You are responsible for your entries, feed & bedding orders for your horse(s), and ordering only for your stalls in a timely manner. The earlier we pay (not order) for our stalls the better stabling location we will receive. Please DO NOT tell the show secretary how many stalls others in the barn will need, this only creates confusion.

TIEC makes it easy for me to help with your paperwork, however, you are still responsible for your paperwork. Please call Kelly with any questions.

Extra Stalls & Per Diems
Tack, Grooming, and Equipment stall costs are split by the number of horses at each show.
Per Diem costs are split by the number of horses at each show.
** No Trainer Per Diem Charges For Shows at Tryon & Wellington, Fl.**

 Kelly Kocher